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Practice Services

High Quality Care and Personalized Service  

Preventative Care
An annual physical exam is the cornerstone of your petís health. Remember, our pets age much more rapidly than we do. Consequently, with each annual exam we look for ongoing problems and the warning signs of potential problems that can be avoided with early intervention. Vaccinations and preventive parasite medication can be administered at this time.

Senior Pet Exams
Discuss nutrition, lab work and appropriate vaccinations. We allow extra time to review strategies to improve your senior pet's quality of life.

Kitten and Puppy Preventative Care
Discuss puppy and kitten health, nutrition, vaccination protocols, spaying or neutering, behavior advice, training, and preventive healthcare.  We want to provide you with the knowledge necessary to build a lifetime relationship with your pet.

Client Education
We believe good education makes better relationships with your pet. Discussions include how to pick a new pet, behavioral issues, nutrition and weight loss counseling.

Surgery and Hospitalization
Both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries are performed daily in our fully equipped operating room. Using modern monitoring devices such as a pulse oximeter, EKG and blood pressure machine, your pet is closely monitored while under gas anesthesia and during recovery. Our attention to detail by our well trained veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants help ensure your petís safety. 

Pain Management
We believe strongly in pre-pain injections and/or sending home pain medication to be given orally for all surgeries and dental procedures.

Dental Cleanings, Extractions and Dental X-ray Unit
Periodontal disease contributes to oral pain and infection that can spread to other parts of your pet's body. Our dental equipment allows us to remove dental plaque, and our dental x-ray unit allows us to look for hidden problems under the gum line.

Ultrasound Suite
We use this noninvasive diagnostic tool to look at various areas and organs of your pet's body. We have a newly dedicated suite for ultrasound and viewing of X-ray images.

Video Endoscope
A useful tool in evaluating deep in the ear canal, sinuses, throat, and colon.

Digital Radiology
The latest in Digital Radiology equipment allows us to obtain high resolution images almost instantaneously.  This is an important tool to diagnose and monitor treatment of diseases or injuries. When desired these images can also be sent to a Radiology Specialist for interpretation.

On Site Laboratory
The hospital is equipped to perform a variety of lab test including blood chemistry, thyroid and complete blood count. These STAT test results are often needed to diagnose and manage your pet's health.
For non-STAT tests or more extensive testing, the services of several outside diagnostic laboratories are used.

Specialists on site
  • When a surgical specialist is required, Dr. Brian Ward performs complex orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries in our surgical suite.
  • Complete cardiac evaluations, including echocardiograms, are performed at our hospital by cardiologist from the CARE Center of Cincinnati.

We encourage permanent identification of your pet. A sterile chip is placed under the skin with an ID number to allow your pet to be returned to you. Most shelters and animal control agencies have scanners to read the ID number.

If your pet needs a prescription our pharmacy is fully equipped to fill it. If unavailable or if you prefer we can call it into your local pharmacy. We stock a complete line of the most commonly used prescription medications and animal health care products for the convenience of our customers.

As a health care team we work closely with a variety of specialists including orthopedic, internal medicine, radiation therapy, ophthalmology, physical therapy and dermatology.

Medical Boarding
We provide boarding services for pets who have a medical need to be given medication or to be monitored by a medical person.

Euthanasia Services
We can provide for most needs or requests at this difficult time.


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